Group CBS Training Center in Elgin, IL

The Group CBS Training Center in Elgin, IL provides a safe environment for electrical equipment operators, technicians and engineers to learn about the generation, distribution, protection and maintenance of electrical distribution equipment. Hands-on classes developed by Group CBS and our training partners, such as the AVO Training Institute and Shermco Industries, offer technical training on electrical testing and maintenance, as well as other critical electrical safety processes and solutions, such as remote racking and switching. For more information email us or call 847-741-4638.

CBS ArcSafe Institute - Remote Switching and Racking Training Opportunities

Let CBS ArcSafe Come to You

Interested in a demo? Our traveling teams cover the country conducting demonstrations at your facility using your equipment and our CBS ArcSafe remote racking and remote switching solutions. See firsthand how CBS ArcSafe can help keep your technicians outside the arc-flash hazard boundary. Contact us now to make your on-site demo appointment.

Live Online Demos and Product Reviews

In April 2020, CBS ArcSafe offered its first of several live online product demonstrations with the RRS-1, a universal remote racking solution. The online forums allow viewers to see CBS ArcSafe’s remote racking and switching equipment in action while offering viewers the opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback. CBS ArcSafe will continue to offer live online content for the time being.

Visit CBS ArcSafe’s YouTube channel to watch previously recorded product demonstrations you might have missed. While you are there, subscribe to CBS ArcSafe’s YouTube channel to get notified of future online events.

If your company needs a custom online presentation or if you have a suggestion about what solutions you would like to see presented by CBS ArcSafe, please let us know.