CBS ArcSafe® RRS-3 DHP(L) Operation Demonstration - CBS ArcSafe

Each CBS ArcSafe RRS-3 Single-Use Remote Racking System is a portable, standalone device designed to remotely rack a single type/style circuit breaker.

The RRS-3 DHP(L) is designed to rack Westinghouse Type DHP, and DVP circuit breakers (including 50DHP75, 1200A; 50DHP250, 1200-2000A; and 50DHP350, 1200-2000A).

These inexpensive, single-application remote breaker racking systems allow the operator to use a hand-control unit to install and remove a breaker while standing up to 300 feet away.

RRS-3 units are most commonly assisted by strong magnets, meaning that no modifications are required to your switchgear. This also allows operators to easily move the RRS-3 from one breaker to another.

Each RRS-3 is custom built to interface with your specfic circuit breaker and is provided with a RSO-IV remote switch operator which is required for its operation. A radio remote control is also available.