CBS ArcSafe® RSA-2 Single Application Remote Switching Tool Operation Demonstration - CBS ArcSafe

The RSA-2 is specifically designed for operating Push-buttons (All Manufacturers and Gear, 0.500″ Max Travel, 10 lbf Max Force) made by all manufacturers, including ABB, Aeg, Allis-Chalmers, Alstom, Areva, Asea, BBC, Controlled Power, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton, Federal Pacific Electric, Federal Pioneer, Fuji, GEC, General Electric (GE), Hyundai, ITE, McGraw-Edison, Merlin Gerin, Mitsubishi, Powell, Reyrolle, Schneider, Siemens, Siemens-Allis, Square D, Toshiba, Westinghouse.

More information:

CBS ArcSafe remote switch actuators are designed to remotely charge, close, and/or trip various styles and types of electrical equipment.

Any remote switch actuator can be custom-built for any electrical device you have available.

The remote switch actuators are most commonly assisted by strong magnets so that modifications are not required to your switchgear. This also allows operators to easily move the remote switch actuator from one breaker to another.

Each CBS ArcSafe remote switch actuator is custom built to your electrical equipment so that it can safely operate your electrical equipment outside the arc-flash boundary.

There are numerous CBS ArcSafe remote switch actuators that enable the system to be used with circuit breakers, motor controls, and other electrical equipment that use a variety of:

Operating pushbuttons, such as circuit breaker trip and close buttons

  • Operating levers, such as those found on motor control center buckets
  • Operating lever or rotary style charging handles requiring single or multiple strokes
  • Operating rotary and pistol grip switches, such as breaker control switches
  • Engaging or disengaging mechanical interlocks, such as circuit breaker interlock foot-pedals or pushbuttons

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