April 2019
CBS ArcSafe Receives Silver in Chicago

Earlier this month in Chicago, CBS ArcSafe was honored with Plant Engineering's Product of the Year Silver Award in the safety category for its RSA-242 remote switch actuator for ABB/SACE Novomax air circuit breakers. Justin Gaull, CBS ArcSafe business development manager, attended the 2019 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing event on CBS ArcSafe's behalf.

"It is quite an honor for CBS ArcSafe to be recognized by Plant Engineering, as the voters for this award are people who use our products and have firsthand experience with how our products keep them safe," Gaull says. "This expressed confidence keeps our team of experts and technicians motivated to continue to design and build reliable, quality products."

CBS ArcSafe has won Product of the Year awards from Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine (2012, 2016-2018), Occupational Health & Safety magazine (2012-2018), and Plant Engineering magazine (2009, 2014). Other CBS ArcSafe product honors include Industrial Safety & Hygiene News magazine's Readers' Choice Award (2015).
CBS ArcSafe Remote Racking & Switching Solutions
Award-Winning RSA-242 Remotely Closes/Trips ABB/SACE Breakers

The CBS ArcSafe RSA-242 remote switch actuator allows technicians to remotely close or trip the ABB/SACE Novomax air circuit breakers from a distance of up to 300 feet outside the arc-flash danger zone. The innovative RSA-242 has won Product of the Year awards from Occupational Health & Safety and Plant Engineering magazines. Installation and operation of the RSA-242 and all RSA units does not require modification to existing equipment. Read more.    
CBS ArcSafe Safety Resources

Stay Current With NFPA News

Our mission at CBS ArcSafe is to keep our operators safe in all environments. To achieve this goal, we find reliable resources to keep companies up-to-date on current standards and policies, including the NFPA National Electrical Code Resources.
CBS ArcSafe Product Videos

Watch RRS-3 NW in Action

The CBS ArcSafe RRS-3 NW for Square D Masterpact NW air circuit breakers is an inexpensive, single-application remote breaker racking system that allows the operator to use a hand-control unit to install and remove a breaker while up to 300 feet away. See more.
Want a Demo? We'll Come to You!

CBS ArcSafe can bring a demonstration of our remote racking and switching equipment directly to your doorstep. We'll bring our fleet with gear, so you can see firsthand how our products protect technicians from arc-flash danger when they are installing or removing breakers. Read more.

April 30-May 2, 2019
IP Utility Safety Conference & Expo
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Pulp, Paper & Forest Industries Technical Conference
Jacksonville, FL
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