May 2020
CBS ArcSafe Hits the Road Again to Help Your Operators Stay Safe All Year Long

CBS ArcSafe’s outside representatives will hit the road again beginning June 1. If you need an on-site product demonstration, site evaluation, or training, we are ready to assist. Our team will take safety precautions seriously. We’ll follow all required and requested personal safety guidelines at customer sites and maintain social distancing rules as we get back to work. When you call to schedule a visit with one of our outside representatives, tell us of any specific personal safety requirements for visiting your facility so we can be well prepared when we arrive. Call us today at 877-472-3389 or email us at

Not only do we take your health safety seriously; we also look out for your electrical safety. In fact, May is Electrical Safety Month, so as businesses around the country re-enter the marketplace and as factories restart their machines, this is an ideal time to renew awareness about staying safe and preventing arc-flash and electrical incidents.

Statistics show that even trained professionals are not immune from electrical risks. OSHA estimates that more than 2,000 workers go to the hospital each year to be treated for arc-flash burns. This figure may represent the tip of the iceberg, since not all incidents are reported.

A study published in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News estimates that on average, 30,000 arc-flash incidents occur every year. These five tips can help reduce the number of incidents and keep your operators safe.

Our mission at CBS ArcSafe™ is to provide each customer with the highest quality remote operation equipment available, because we know that Distance Is Safety. Let us know how CBS ArcSafe can help keep your operators safe.
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Missed a Recent Live Online Demo? Catch up Now

Our team will soon get the green light to return to customer sites (with precautions). In the meantime, CBS ArcSafe continues to deliver helpful online product demonstrations via YouTube Live and one-to-one demos through GoToMeeting and Zoom. Register now for the next online event about Remote Operations for Bolted Pressure Switches and Load Interrupter Switches scheduled for Thursday, May 28, 2020. If you missed previous presentations, learn how you can watch them now.
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Wireless Chicken Switch® Devices Now Available, See RSK-CS01W in Action

In 2018, CBS ArcSafe acquired Martek Ltd., makers of the Chicken Switch® brand of remote switch operators. Since then, CBS ArcSafe has invested in the company’s West Virginia location, hired new talent, and encouraged product improvements that add more distance and user convenience. The new remote switch kit (RSK) models CS01W, CS03W, and CS04W add up to 100 feet of operating distance, improving on the cabled version of the device, which comes with a standard 30-foot (or optional 50-foot) control cable. The new wireless models come standard with the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ battery and charger by Milwaukee. The rechargeable clip-in battery improves ease of use over the original CS01 by eliminating the need to frequently replace 16 AA batteries. Watch now.
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Vacuum Interrupters Can Help You Predict Remaining Equipment Life

Many original vacuum bottles inside switchgear are nearing the end of life. To assess the condition of these bottles before they fail and determine the remaining life of vacuum interrupters in the field, Group CBS partner Vacuum Interrupters (VI) offers the magnetron atmospheric condition assessment, or MAC test. In addition to predicting the amount of life left in interrupters, VI can provide vacuum bottle interrupter replacements for any manufacturer’s medium-voltage circuit breaker or vacuum contactor. VI also offers pole assembly replacement, parts, and test sets, and can conduct high-voltage testing and certification of your equipment at its high-voltage testing laboratory. Learn more.
May 28, 2020
Remote Operations for Bolted Pressure & Load Interrupter Switches
CBS ArcSafe Online Presentation

November 17-19, 2020
HydroVision International
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN

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