August 2018

CBS ArcSafe Celebrates A Decade of Keeping Technicians Safe From Arc FlashAshley McWhorter, President, CBS ArcSafe

Ten years ago, Finley Ledbetter started CBS ArcSafe after identifying a need for remote racking solutions across multiple segments. What began with a customer request in the 1980s has grown into an expansive offering of nearly 1,000 remote racking and remote switching products that work with some 600 types of breakers, switches, and other electrical equipment. CBS ArcSafe is still going strong and making it easier than ever for our customers to get the equipment they need with our new Product Finder.

But it's not just our lineup of quality products that makes CBS ArcSafe successful. We have a dedicated team who shares the same mission: to provide a safe work environment for our customers.

Besides our 10th anniversary, we're also celebrating CBS ArcSafe's recent acquisition of MarTek Limited. This addition includes MarTek's Chicken Switch®, a device designed to remotely operate control switches as well as low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers.

Thank you for trusting us as your partner in electrical safety. We look forward to working with you for another 10 years and beyond.

Ashley Ledbetter, President
CBS ArcSafe, Inc.
CBS ArcSafe Company News

Product Finder Helps Customers Identify the Proper Equipment

CBS ArcSafe has unveiled its new online Product Finder, a database customers can use to search CBS ArcSafe products for an equipment match. Customers can filter by original equipment manufacturer, select from a list of compatible equipment, add options, and request a quote.
CBS ArcSafe OSHA Resources

OSHA Cites Tennessee Contractor Following Injuries at Nuclear Plant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Day & Zimmermann NPS, Inc., after two workers suffered arc-flash burns at the Tennessee Valley Authority Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant in March 2018. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Remote Racking Solutions

RRS-3 SecoVac (IEEE) Helps Maintain NFPA 70E Compliance

The award-winning CBS ArcSafe RRS-3 SecoVac (IEEE) is specifically designed for the General Electric SecoVac VB2+ vacuum circuit breaker to comply with IEEE regulations while also keeping technicians outside the arc-flash boundary during operation. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Product Videos

Watch the RSA-117 Operate Westinghouse WLI Switch

The CBS ArcSafe RSA-117 remote switch actuator (RSA) is designed to operate the Westinghouse WLI load interrupter switch without having to modify any existing electrical equipment. In this video, the RSA-117 remotely closes and trips the Westinghouse switch from a safe distance while the technician remains outside the arc-flash boundary. 
CBS ArcSafe and EHS Today magazine's webinar "Employing Remote Operation to Prevent Electrical Arc-Flash Casualties" is available on our website! In case you missed it, you can listen now.
Want a Demo? We'll Come to You!

CBS ArcSafe can bring a demonstration of our remote racking and switching equipment directly to your doorstep. We'll bring our fleet with gear, so you can see firsthand how our products protect technicians from arc-flash danger when they are installing or removing breakers. Read more.

August 28-31, 2018
Safety+ National Symposium
Nashville, TN

October 1-5, 2018
Doble Circuit Breaker Seminar
Booth #104
Jackson, MS

October 22-24, 2018
NSC Congress & Expo
Booth #938
Houston, TX

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