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CBS ArcSafe Travels Wherever Its Clients Have a Need

This past summer, Greg Davis, International Sales & Product Support, ventured to Alaska to evaluate equipment and train technicians on remote racking and switching products. The personal visit was extremely beneficial to CBS ArcSafe's clients and their efforts to avoid arc-flash incidents. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe New Products

RSA-230B Remotely Closes or Trips Eaton Series G - LG Frame MCCBs

CBS ArcSafe has introduced the RSA-230B, a portable, lightweight remote switch actuator for Eaton Series G-LG Frame molded case circuit breakers. The RSA-230B allows technicians to remotely close or trip the circuit breaker from a safe distance while remaining stationed outside the arc-flash boundary. Installation and operation do not require any modifications to the existing electrical equipment. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Remote Racking Solutions

Don't Let Equipment Constraints Limit Protecting Your Technicians

CBS ArcSafe believes in the safety of its customers' electrical workers, no matter how tight or hard to reach the equipment's location. The RRS-1 LT universal remote racking system is capable of removing or inserting virtually any low-voltage circuit breaker or motor control while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary. The RRS-1 LT is designed specifically for applications and environments where a weight and/or size constraint may limit the use of the RRS-1. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Product Videos

See RRS-2 & RRS-2 BE Extractor-Type Remote Racking Solutions in Action!

The RRS-2 and RRS-2 BE extractor remote racking devices accommodate a wide variety of low- and medium-voltage circuit breaker types and motor control center buckets from different manufacturers, all at a safe distance for operators. Watch here.
CBS ArcSafe and EHS Today magazine's webinar "Employing Remote Operation to Prevent Electrical Arc-Flash Casualties" is available on our website! In case you missed it, you can listen now.
Want a Demo? We'll Come to You!

CBS ArcSafe can bring a demonstration of our remote racking and switching equipment directly to your doorstep. We'll bring our fleet with gear, so you can see firsthand how our products protect technicians from arc-flash danger when they are installing or removing breakers. Read more.

October 1-5, 2018
Doble Circuit Breaker Seminar
Booth #104
Jackson, MS

October 22-24, 2018
NSC Congress & Expo
Booth #938
Houston, TX

Email if you would like to meet at these events.
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