Lightweight Universal Rotary Remote Circuit Breaker Racking System

CBS ArcSafe lightweight universal rotary remote racking system for low-voltage breakers
The CBS ArcSafe RRS-1 LT sets the new standard in lightweight and portable universal remote racking systems.

For low-voltage breakers

The RRS-1 LT is CBS ArcSafe’s lightweight and compact counterpart to the industry-leading RRS-1 universal rotary remote circuit breaker racking system. The RRS-1 LT is designed specifically for applications and environments where a weight and/or size constraint may limit the use of the RRS-1. Setup and operation of the RRS-1 LT is very similar to that of the standard RRS-1; users who are familiar with RRS-1 operation can transition between operation of the two easily with no additional training required.

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  • Remote operation places operator outside the arc-flash protection boundary
  • Compatible with low-voltage circuit breakers produced by all major switchgear manufacturers
  • Use with horizontal and vertical types of air, SF6, and vacuum circuit breakers
  • Height and angle of the drive is easily adjusted
  • Quick release drive shafts & couplings simplify setup
  • Redundant over-racking protection is provided
  • Seamless transfer AC/DC power
  • Hand-truck design provides easy mobility
  • Aids compliance with NFPA 70E relative to protecting personnel by using external circuit breaker rack-out devices

In order to meet the design requirements for the RRS-1 LT, CBS ArcSafe has had to make major alterations to the unit in order to minimize the size and weight, therefore decreasing the rating of the unit. CBS ArcSafe recommends the RRS-1 LT be primarily used on low-voltage circuit breakers requiring no more than 20 ft-lbs of racking torque.


When compared to the standard RRS-1, the RRS-1 LT sports the following changes:

  • The welded steel frame of the RRS-1 has been replaced with a lightweight extruded aluminum frame that supports customization based on specific application requirements.
  • The complete RRS-1 unit has been broken down into three modular systems on the RRS-1 LT to reduce the overall size and weight.
  • The large drive motor has been upgraded to a compact, brushless, DC gearmotor assembly.
  • The height adjustment rail on the RRS-1 has been replaced with a lightweight, manually operated, quick-release slide assembly.
  • The control cabinet that houses all of the electronics vital for operation has been integrated into a separate rugged case for simple transportation and storage.
  • The large rubber wheels have been upgraded with a smaller and lighter replacement.

Although the RRS-1 LT exhibits many differences from the RRS-1, it also includes many of the standard features found on the RRS-1. The RRS-1 LT utilizes the same dual redundant racking protection via the Current Control Module (CCM) and mechanical torque limiter, giving users two means of protection against damaging equipment during racking operations. The RRS-1 LT also includes an intelligent AC/DC power system that allows the unit to run on battery or AC power. In addition to these standard features, the RRS-1 LT also includes several standard features that the RRS-1 does not. For instance, RRS-1 LT comes standard with a two-station high-reach vertical adjustment capable of reaching breaker racking mechanisms up to 80-in. high. Also included is a wireless remote control that allows users to operate the unit from up to 300 feet away.

The RRS-1 LT is ideal for applications where users must transport the racking unit by themselves through tight spaces or up stairways. The modular design breakdown allows the user to transport the unit individually into hard-to-access areas while not lifting over 50 lbs in the process. Whether the application calls for its use perched on a catwalk above a production floor or in a remote substation located in a basement, the RRS-1 LT is the most practical solution to a difficult problem. The RRS-1 LT sets the new standard in lightweight and portable universal remote racking systems.

CBS ArcSafe remote switch operator for the lightweight rotary remote racking system.

Remote Switch Operator

The RSO-IV for the RRS-1 LT is a tightly integrated control cabinet inside of a Pelican case. This allows the RRS-1 LT all of the controls that the RRS-1 control cabinet offers minus the peripheral extensions.

The RSO-IV has the same batteries and charging system as the RRS-1 so that the RRS-1 LT may be used. The RRS-1 LT has the same battery life as the RRS-1 and utilizes a custom lighter-weight motor for portability.

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