CBS ArcSafe Headquarters in Denton, TX

Worldwide Headquarters & U.S. Sales (Denton, TX)

Based in Denton, TX, CBS ArcSafe’s facilities comprise three buildings, including administrative and design offices, a warehouse and manufacturing plant, and our new CBS ArcSafe Institute for customer training.

When visitors first arrive at CBS ArcSafe, they enter the 13,000-square-foot administrative, sales, research and development, and engineering offices. This location includes custom milling machines for R&D projects and custom single-use remote switching and handheld racking solutions designed to specific customer requirements, as well as cutting-edge computing, CAD design, and 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems. These features ensure that CBS ArcSafe products meet the highest technical specifications and fast development time for custom engineered remote racking, remote switching, and remote operation solutions, as well as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product development.

Behind our administrative offices is a 9,500-square-foot warehouse comprising large-scale manufacturing, millwork, and testing equipment. All CBS ArcSafe products are produced 100% in the United States, ensuring the highest quality components and systems. In combination with CBS ArcSafe’s unparalleled access to new and vintage circuit breakers, switchgear, panelboards, and motor control centers available through the Group CBS network of electrical suppliers, our technicians can offer a unique blend of classroom and hands-on training where customers can learn to use their CBS ArcSafe products on the same equipment found at the customer’s facility in a controlled, safe atmosphere guided by remote racking and electrical maintenance experts from CBS ArcSafe.

Charleston, WV Facility

CBS ArcSafe’s Charleston, WV, location is a 6,000-square-foot facility dedicated to the manufacture and support of the Chicken Switch® brand of remote switching and affiliated remote racking devices. Activities at the Charleston location include product design and engineering, field sales support, assembly, testing, millwork, CNC, CNC bending, 3D printing, and laser and water jet cutting.