Chicken Switch® Joins the CBS ArcSafe Family…

And that’s good news for all our customers.

The Chicken Switch line of light-weight, compact remote switching solutions is one of CBS ArcSafe®’s most popular solutions. With new wireless switching capability with a range of up to 100 feet, the Chicken Switch Remote Switch Kits (RSK) are among the most powerful and flexible solutions within CBS ArcSafe’s remote switching and racking solution portfolio. For more information on the RSK, be sure to visit our videos and request in-person demonstration at your facility.

Want to Kick the Tires During an On-Site Demo?

Let Us Bring ArcSafe, Chicken Switch to You!

If your company is located in North America, the United Kingdom, Korea, or the Middle East, we can demonstrate our remote racking and switching equipment, including the Chicken Switch, at your facility and at a time of your choosing. We’ll bring our equipment to you so you can see firsthand how our products protect technicians from arc-flash danger when they are installing or removing breakers. Find your closest CBS ArcSafe affiliate location or email us to schedule an on-site demo.

What's Best for You?

Remote Switching Actuator (RSA) or Remote Switching Kit (RSK)?

Remote Switch Actuator - RSA-224

RSA – Remote Switch Actuator

  • The electrical industry’s most rugged remote switching actuator construction; designed to withstand demands of heavy industry
  • Sold individually with control options
  • Remotely open, close, and/or charge breakers
  • Designs available for most makes/models of breakers in the field; custom designs available
  • Rechargeable power source (RSO) sold separately (may be used with different RSA models)

RSK – Remote Switch Kit (RSK) Chicken Switch

  • Lightweight, user friendly
  • Complete kit includes actuator, handheld controller, batteries, control cable, instruction manual, and carrying case
  • Cost efficient since no separate power source needs to be purchased
  • Works best in environments where weight and portability are considerations

Remote Switching in Action

Product Comparison

Remote Switch Kits (RSKs) are portable devices designed to remotely operate control switches that have pistol-grip style handles. Several models are available to work with different control switches. RSKs are ideal in environments where weight and portability are a consideration. With no need to purchase a separate power source, the price point is appealing.

Remote Switch Actuators (RSAs) are designed to remotely charge, close, and/or trip various styles and types of electrical equipment. Any remote switch actuator can be custom built for any electrical device. The remote switch actuators are most commonly assisted by strong magnets so that no modifications are required to your switchgear. Magnets also allow operators to easily move the remote switch actuator from one breaker to another.

Single-use, portable Remote Racking Systems (RRS-3s) are designed to remotely rack a single style of circuit breaker. These stand-alone units are most commonly assisted by strong magnets that eliminate the need to modify switchgear. Magnets also allow operators to easily move the RRS-3 from one breaker to another.

Universal Remote Racking Systems (RRS-1s) are capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage drawout rotary circuit breakers while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary. Model RRS-1 is used with circuit breakers that require a jackscrew-type mechanism for insertion and removal.

RRS-1 LT Systems are lightweight and compact counterparts to the industry-leading RRS-1 universal rotary remote racking system. The RRS-1 LT is designed specifically for applications and environments where a weight and/or size constraint may limit the use of the RRS-1.

RRS-2 Systems are portable and highly configurable remote racking systems built to rack all circuit breakers with non-rotary racking mechanisms while keeping the operator outside of the arc-flash boundary. The RRS-2 is powered by a redundant AC/DC system that runs using either standard AC power or the internal battery.

RRS-2 BE Systems are designed specifically for motor control center bucket removal applications where users normally would be required to perform the install or remove operation manually — exposing them to the potential hazards of an arc flash.

Remote Switch Operator (RSO) Systems enable service personnel to stand outside the arc-flash protection boundary while operating electrical equipment, reducing or eliminating the need for a full-body arc-flash hazard suit. The RSOs can be used in conjunction with the CBS ArcSafe remote racking system or independently as a stand-alone device.

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