For Universal Rotary Remote Circuit Breaker Racking Systems Models RRS-1, RRS-1LT and RRS-4

ccm-radio-remoteCCM Radio Remote

The CCM radio remote option allows users to operate the RRS and monitor the racking status wirelessly from up to 300 feet away. Ideal for users with extended distance requirements or who wish to monitor the status of the racking operation remotely.

video-systemWireless/Wired Video System

The wireless/wired video system allows users to monitor the remote racking operation from up to 300 feet away using an RRS mounted camera and stand-alone monitor. Ideal for users who will be visually separated from the RRS during the remote operation.

led-lightLED Light

The LED light accessory adds a forward-facing, high-intensity light source with pan and tilt capability to the front of the RRS. Ideal for personnel setting up the RRS or installing RRS tooling in low-light environments.

CBS ArcSafe remote racking system waterproof cover.

Water-Resistant Cover

It is recommended that the RRS be stored in a dry, temperature-controlled environment. However, because this is not always possible, CBS ArcSafe offers a water-resistant cover that protects the RRS from contact with small amounts of liquid from above.

CBS ArcSafe pneumatic tires for rough terrain.

Pneumatic Tires

The air-filled pneumatic tires provide a cushioning effect and reduce wear on the RRS unit during transport. Ideal for customer applications where transportation or use on uneven, rocky, or gravel surfaces is likely to occur.

cable-extensionWired Pendant Extensions

The wired pendant extension(s) allows users to operate the RRS from extended distances while remaining tethered to the unit. Ideal for use in facilities with extended distance requirements that also restrict radio-controlled device transmission.

CBS ArcSafe remote racking system stair climbers.

Stair Climber Rails

The stair climber rails provide a low-friction surface for use when transporting the RRS up and down stairs and provide a level of protection to the control cabinet during everyday use. Ideal for applications requiring transportation up or down stairways.

CBS ArcSafe power slide for remote racking systems.

Power Slide

The power slide system utilizes a motor to raise and lower the drive assembly instead of the standard handle. Ideal for applications requiring users to quickly and easily switch between racking heights for different breakers.

CBS ArcSafe high lift allows racking of breakers up to 84" or 100" high.

High Lift

The high-lift option is required to remotely rack any equipment with a racking mechanism over 66 inched off the ground. Ideal for users who wish to rack breakers with extremely high racking mechanisms that would otherwise cause issues during manual operation.

CBS ArcSafe Magne-Blast supervisory link for racking the Magne-blast breaker.

Magne-Blast Supervisory Link

The MBSL option allows the RRS to interface with the preexisting control circuit and cubicle-mounted limit switches within GE Magne-Blast gear. Ideal for users who want to control the RRS by utilizing the preexisting Magne-Blast control scheme.

CBS ArcSafe low speed jog for remote racking systems.


The low-speed/jog option consists of a high-torque/lowspeed gearbox, as well as manual jog control for the RRS operation. Ideal for applications requiring added torque output and/or more precise control.

Tether System for Remote Racking SystemTether System

The tether kit is used to provide a universal link between the RRS and the electrical equipment being remotely racked. Ideal for users who wish to remotely rack breakers with moving racking mechanisms.

front-castersFront Casters

The front casters allow for maximum mobility even in the tightest spaces, simplifying installation and setup in these locations. Ideal for tight or constrained areas where users may otherwise have difficulty maneuvering the RRS.

ccmmCurrent Control Module

The Current Control Module gives the operator more control over the remote racking operation, including direction, manual and automation operation and current control and current recording. High current demands can indicate mechanical problems, including the need for lubrication.

  • Low-power Indicator
  • Install and remove directional control (some switchgear have counterclockwise for install and clockwise for remove)
  • Manual current control allows the operator to both monitor and record the current draw during the racking operation
  • Simple to change to/from manual and to/from automatic operation
  • Maximum current operation records the highest current reached during the racking operation
  • Adjustable time-stop parameter wherein the current can be allowed to spike for a small portion of time without stopping the racking procedure. For instance, some breakers may have a small increase in resistance as it is being racked from not being well-lubricated.
  • Ability to work with any control voltage when equipped with the Magne-Blast supervisory link, eliminating the need to change relays for different control voltages
  • Gives location feedback when operating Magne-Blast supervisory link by displaying dots on the screen for the fully installed and removed positions.
  • Built-in coast down timers for Magne-Blast supervisory link operation, which can be adjusted from the CCM itself.
  • Automatically reverses motor rotation for use with the geared adapter when the machine is working in supervisory link mode on Magne-Blast circuit breakers
  • Built-in jog timers for machines equipped with the lowspeed/ jog function which can be adjusted from the CCM itself