Rotary Remote Racking

Universal remote circuit breaker racking system capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage draw out circuit breakers which use a jack screw rotary racking mechanism while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary.

Extractor Remote Racking

Universal remote circuit breaker racking system capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage non-rotary circuit breakers while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary.

Handheld Remote Racking

A handheld powered racking device capable of racking most rotary style low- and medium-voltage switchgear utilizing a high torque motor, preventing operator fatigue and reducing time spent within the arc flash boundary.

Apparatus-Specific Portable Remote Racking

Apparatus-specific remote circuit breaker racking system which allows the operator to install and remove a circuit breaker while standing 25 to 75 feet away with a hand control unit, with radio remote option.

Remote Switch Actuators

Allows service personnel to move, push, pull, charge, close, and/or trip circuit breakers and other electrical equipment from a safe distance in conjunction with a CBS ArcSafe RSO.

Options and Accessories

From CBS ArcSafe’s PD Alert partial discharge sensor option to a radio remote up to 300 feet to a wireless video system, CBS ArcSafe has a variety of optional equipment and accessories available for its remote switch and racking systems.

SecureConnect™ Remote Operator Adds Arc-Flash Safety to Motor Control Center Maintenance

CBS ArcSafe® is pleased to introduce the SecureConnect Remote Operator for Allen-Bradley® CENTERLINE® 2100 Motor Control Centers (MCCs), allowing technicians to operate the SecureConnect safety system from up to 300 feet away, well outside the arc-flash boundary.

Watch CBS ArcSafe Remote Racking and Switching Equipment in Action

RRS-2 – Remote Racking of An Allis-Chalmers MA 150,250,350C Circuit Breaker

RRS-1 – Remote Racking of an ABB EMAX Circuit Breaker

RRS-2-BE – Remote Racking of the Allen Bradley 2100 Centerline MCC buckets

RRS-3-MDSR1 – Remotely Racking of Eaton/Cutler Hammer Magnum DS Circuit Breaker

RRS-3-HK – Remotely Racking of ABB/BBC/ITE HK Circuit Breaker

RSA-152C – Remotely Operating A Boltswitch VL/BL Series

RSK-CS01W – Remotely Switching Various Breaker Control Switches

RSA-147 – Remotely Switching a Square D HVL Switch

RSK-NW20 – Remotely Switching a Square D/Masterpact NW Circuit Breaker

RSK-SDL6 – Remotely Switching a Square d Model 6 MCC Bucket

RSA-211A – Remotely Switching a Eaton/Cutler Hammer Safety Switch

RSA-12A – Remotely Operating a Cutler hammer/Square D/Westinghouse DS Circuit Breaker

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With the increase in awareness of the severity and frequency of electrical arc-flash hazards, OSHA realized the need to provide more direction and regulation to its general language. The result was a final rule to 29 CFR 1910.269, the Electrical Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Standard which became effective on July 10, 2014. This was the first time OSHA mandated specific arc-flash related requirements which go beyond general hazard awareness and also set mandatory compliance deadlines. At CBS ArcSafe®, safety of our customers’ electrical workers is our top priority.

CBS ArcSafe® stays informed about current and new requirements from both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Read more.

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Each day in the United States as many as 10 injuries requiring hospitalizations are attributed to arc-flash incidents (Capelli-Schellpfeffer, Inc.).

The safety of our customers’ electrical workers is our top priority at CBS ArcSafe®. That’s why we designed our remote racking solutions to reduce the need for full-body arc-flash hazard suits.

Remote operating equipment, specifically remote racking and remote switching systems, are an affordable, effective way to increase worker safety and stay compliant with updated safety standards. CBS ArcSafe® is a leader in the design and development of various styles of remote operation equipment, and is dedicated to increasing arc-flash safety for electrical workers worldwide. Read more.