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Remote Racking and Remote Switching Solutions

Your CBS ArcSafe device is an important tool in your electrical safety program. However, its value is only achieved when it is properly used to get the job done.

Accidental misapplication of the device could result in arc flash injury, equipment damage, and unplanned downtime.

Designating a trainer within your organization will go a long way to ensure maximum safety, NFPA 70E compliance, and competence for employees engaging in the task of remote racking or switching.

Your remote racking and switching devices may only be used occasionally. It can be challenging to remember exactly how they work after long periods of sitting idle in on a cart or in an equipment room. Many customers receive equipment training upon the initial purchase of CBS ArcSafe devices, but the trained employees move on to new opportunities and a new team inherits the equipment without any additional training. Facilities with high turnover or multiple shifts can benefit from training and resources so that there is no gap in select equipment knowledge.

NFPA 70E Article 110.2(1) states that qualified persons shall be familiar with the proper use of special precautionary techniques, applicable policies, procedures. PPE, insulating and shielding materials, and insulated tools and equipment. Article 110.2 (3) states that retraining in safety-related work practices shall be performed at intervals not to exceed 3 years.

With safety on the line, you need more than just an equipment supplier. CBS ArcSafe aims to be your dedicated partner in your electrical safety program. We welcome the opportunity to provide customized on-site (and online) equipment training for you and your team.