Extractor Remote Racking System – RRS-2BE

OEM Compatibility: Allis-Chalmers

For Equipment: Mark 1(LVMCC)

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OEM Compatibility: Allis-Chalmers

For Equipment: Mark 1(LVMCC)

The RRS-2 BE is CBS ArcSafeÕs specially designed counterpart to the industry-leading RRS-2 universal remote racking system for extraction-style breakers. The RRS-2 BE is designed specifically for Motor Control Center (MCC) bucket removal applications where users would normally be required to perform the install or remove operation manually.

Setup and operation of the RRS-2 BE is very similar to that of the standard RRS-2; users who are familiar with RRS-2 operation can transition between operation of the two easily with no additional training required.

Voltage Class: LV (<1000 V) Equipment Type: MCC
Power Consumption (W): W
Weight (lb): 105 lbs
Dimensions (in.): 32.0 x 25.0 x 74.0

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Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 74 in