Rotary Remote Racking System – RRS-1

OEM Compatibility: Alstom|Areva|Schneider Electric

For Equipment: HVX

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OEM Compatibility: Alstom|Areva|Schneider Electric

For Equipment: HVX

RRS-1 is a universal remote racking system capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage draw out rotary circuit breakers while the operator remains outside the arc flash boundary. Model RRS-1 is used with circuit breakers that require a jack screw type mechanism for insertion and removal.

This device is portable, weighing less than 200 pounds, and user friendly requiring no modifications to the switchgear or circuit breakers. Each system will be custom designed to fit your circuit breaker needs.

Voltage Class: MV (1000 V-15 kV)
Equipment Type: VCB
Power Consumption (W): 250W
Weight (lb): 180 lbs
Dimensions (in.): 38.1 x 26.0 x 74.0

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Weight180 lbs
Dimensions38.1 × 26 × 74 in