Univeral rotary remote racking solutions from CBS ArcSafe increase arc-flash safety.Rotary Remote Circuit Breaker Racking Systems

Each CBS ArcSafe® remote racking system enables service personnel to stand outside the arc flash protection boundary while racking low and medium voltage draw-out circuit breakers, thus reducing the need for a full-body arc flash hazard suit. Aid compliance with NFPA 70E relative to protecting personnel by using external circuit breaker rack-out devices.

RRS-1 | RRS-4 | RRS-1LT

Rotary Remote Circuit Breaker Racking System Models

Universal Rotary Remote Racking System (RRS-1)

RRS-1 is a universal remote racking system capable of removing or inserting low- and medium-voltage draw out circuit breakers which use a jack screw rotary racking mechanism while the operator remains outside the arc-flash boundary. This device is portable, weighing less than 200 pounds, is user friendly, and requires no modifications to the switchgear or circuit breakers. Optional features allow each system to be customized to meet your specific remote circuit breaker racking requirements.

Lightweight Rotary Remote Racking System (RRS-1 LT)

For low-voltage breakers. The RRS-1 LT is a lightweight version of the RRS-1 that is capable of being easily disassembled and moved through small openings. High Lift and Radio Remote come standard on the RRS-1 LT.

Dual-Mode Rotary Remote Racking System (RRS-4)

The RRS-4 boasts many of the same structural and mechanical components as the CBS ArcSafe RRS-1 unit, which makes it the most portable, easily adjustable, and user-friendly remote racking system in the industry today. What makes the RRS-4 different from its RRS-1 counterpart, and any other remote racking system on the market for that matter, is that it is operated using a dual mode, source programmable. CCM mode is a truly universal operating mode capable of racking virtually any rotary style breaker and requires minimal setup.

About CBS ArcSafe® Remote Racking Systems

CBS ArcSafe universal remote circuit breaker racking devices can accommodate a wide variety of low- and medium-voltage circuit breaker types from different manufacturers.

The unique design of each rotary remote racking system with its specially manufactured drive shafts and couplings enable it to accommodate numerous types of circuit breakers which have a jack screw rotary mechanism for insertion and extraction.

They can be used with drawout type air, SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers that have either a horizontal or vertical racking mechanism.

Primary Benefits of the CBS ArcSafe Remote Racking Systems

  • Remote operation places operator outside the arc-flash protection boundary
  • Compatible with low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers produced by all major switchgear manufacturers
  • Use with horizontal and vertical types of air, SF6, and vacuum circuit breakers
  • Height and angle of the drive is easily adjusted
  • Quick release drive shafts & couplings simplify setup
  • Redundant over-racking protection is provided
  • Seamless transfer AC/DC power
  • Hand-truck design provides easy mobility
  • Aid compliance with NFPA 70E relative to protecting personnel by using external circuit breaker rack-out devices

Rotary Remote Circuit Breaker Racking System Videos