COVID restrictions have prevented CBS ArcSafe from making visits to numerous customer sites to evaluate conditions and determine solutions. We’re working around the restrictions with the RealWear HMT-1, a ruggedized hardhat-mounted Android tablet. The system connects via hotspot (or Wi-Fi) and allows the customer to take an ArcSafe representative through their facility remotely. By sending the HMT-1 System to customers in advance of a scheduled conference call, the ArcSafe team can see equipment and talk with the customer in real-time via platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It’s like we’re there without needing to personally be on-site.

To test the system, Justin Gaull, CBS ArcSafe Business Development Manager, took the device to the West Virginia Regional Technology Park (WVRTP) in South Charleston, WV. The WVRTP specializes in providing testing facilities, research labs, and process facilities for scientific-based start-ups. The Park also hosts mature scientific companies such as MATRIC, Dow, and Alpha Technologies data center. Clark McCoy, the park’s EH&S manager put the Real Wear HMT-1 system to work. He connected it through a cell phone hot spot and walked through the facility to test the system. The ArcSafe team joined in via Zoom to look at switchgear within the facility while talking to Clark in real-time.

“The HMT-1 did well in most locations at the facility” said Gaull. “The picture and sound were clear at ground-level and higher. It also performed well at outdoor substations on the property. However, since we tested it using a hot spot connection, basements and below-grade equipment rooms presented connectivity issues due to weaker cell signals.”

ArcSafe intends to use the RealWear system for switchgear and breaker evaluations at sites that have visitor restrictions but still need to move forward with their arc flash safety agenda. “This gives us the ability to walk through the physical plant with them, ask key questions, and quote the right solutions,” said Ben Walterscheid, General Manager. The HMT-1 comes with noise-cancelling ear buds and microphone that make it possible for the wearer to be part of a conversation while maintaining hearing protection in loud environments.

Beginning in March 2021, ArcSafe plans to send the Real Wear HMT-1 to customers on an as-needed basis. With a few basic instructions on how to use and operate the system, it can quickly be up and running. Once the RealWear HMT-1 is on-site, ArcSafe and the customer will join a pre-scheduled online meeting. After the meeting, the system will be sent back to CBS ArcSafe, sanitized, charged and packaged for its next assignment.

Beyond COVID, we plan to deploy the RealWear HMT-1 system to help evaluate problems or give maintenance instructions without waiting for a technician’s availability to be on-site.

If you have a need for remote switching or racking solutions but have restrictions that prevent onsite visitation, contact CBS ArcSafe about the RealWear HMT-1 at or 1-(877)-472-3389. We can be there fast and safely – without really being there.