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The Q4 2017 Breaker Buzz has arrived!

Q4 2017 Breaker BuzzThe new issue of Breaker Buzz has arrived!

Group CBS puts another successful year on the books with record sales and growth, innovative products, and fulfilling customers’ requirements for electrical apparatus sales, service, testing, and engineering worldwide.

One of the standout moments for Group CBS this year was its response to Hurricane Harvey in late August. In this issue of Buzz, you’ll see how ingenuity and hard work helped get Houston customers back online quickly and safely… and how the GCBS family pulled together to assist our own employees affected by the storm. Read More

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The Q3 issue of Breaker Buzz has arrived!

The new issue of Breaker Buzz has arrived!

As the devastation from Hurricane Harvey intensifies, Group CBS is keeping a close eye on our neighbors in Texas and Louisiana. It’s difficult to watch so many people lose their homes and loved ones, but through the tragedy, we’re also witnessing acts of heroism that make us proud to be Americans.

The road to recovery will be a long one, but Group CBS and its affiliates are ready to provide electrical apparatus repair, rentals, services, and sales to get this region back up and running. See page 3 for a link to Group CBS emergency contact numbers. Read More