Last summer, following the acquisition of Martek Limited, CBS ArcSafe® began carrying the popular Chicken Switch® brand of remote switching devices, along with more than 40 additional arc-flash safety solutions.

Chicken Switch remote switch kits (RSKs) remotely charge, close, and/or trip select models of circuit breakers and motor control centers. The lightweight, highly compact, and user-friendly RSK provides an effective alternative to other CBS ArcSafe remote switching and racking solutions in environments where weight and portability are considerations. The complete kit includes a handheld controller, batteries, control cable, and actuator, all packaged in a customized Pelican carrying case. As an added cost-saving benefit, users don’t need to purchase a separate power source to use the Chicken Switch RSKs.

Installation and operation of the Chicken Switch RSK does not require any modifications to existing electrical equipment, thanks to CBS ArcSafe’s magnetic latching system, available on all CBS ArcSafe products. The system allows operators to easily move the remote switch device from one breaker to another.

Our new Chicken Switch line can be applied to circuit breakers, motor controls, and other electrical equipment. The RSKs can operate the following:

  • Pushbuttons, such as circuit breaker trip and close buttons
  • Levers, such as those found on motor control center buckets
  • Lever- or rotary-style charging handles requiring single or multiple strokes
  • Rotary and pistol grip switches, such as breaker control switches
  • The engaging or disengaging of mechanical interlocks, such as circuit breaker interlock foot pedals or pushbuttons

Group CBS affiliate companies are now doing on-site demos of the Chicken Switch, as well as all other products. To request a demo, visit our website or contact