When the call came in mid-October for a routine production meeting at CBS ArcSafe’s headquarters in Denton, TX, Brad Morrell dutifully filed into the assembly area with the rest of the team. Then he discovered that this wasn’t just another production meeting.

In fact, the team had assembled to celebrate Brad’s 20-year anniversary as an employee of Group CBS. Tommy Phillips, president of ArcSafe, presented him with a plaque to commemorate his dedication and service, and everyone topped off the celebration with cupcakes.

In the decades since Brad joined Group CBS as machinist, he has applied his skills to shaping products in every corner of the shop, from high- and medium-voltage breakers to cabinets. Ten years ago he shifted to Group’s ArcSafe team, where he has also supported product development and assembly.

“Basically, I got a taste of everything,” Brad says. “I learned more about the business, which has helped make me a better employee.”

Noting how the company’s remote racking products have evolved during his tenure, he added, “In my 10 years at ArcSafe alone, it’s been amazing to see how much better we’ve made the product. It’s gone from a push-button system that racks switchgear in and out to a wirelessly controlled device that puts operators at a safe distance and provides early detection of mechanical problems.”

“Group CBS has always been very good to me and my family, and I appreciate all they have done,” says Brad. “I have worked with a lot of good people over the years at both businesses, and I hope to be around another 20 if they’ll keep me.”