AccurPress 7606 hydraulic press brake

CBS ArcSafe continues to expand its in-house fabrication capabilities with the acquisition of a new AccurPress 7606 hydraulic press brake. A press brake is used to bend flat metal parts by sandwiching the part between a V-shaped holder, called the “die,” and the pressing apparatus, called the “punch.”

The new machine can bend material up to 6 feet wide and up to ½ inch thick with 60 tons of force. It is also equipped with an intuitive computer numerical control (CNC) system that performs all of the calculations for the operator and ensures a high degree of accuracy.

ArcSafe will use the AccurPress to bend steel and aluminum parts into custom shapes for its Remote Switch Actuator (RSA) products. A new sandblasting cabinet and large-capacity vibratory finishing machine complement the preparation and finishing stages of parts bent with the AccurPress.

“Before we acquired the press brake, certain projects had to be sent off-site and required weeks of lead and turnaround time,” says Ashley Ledbetter, president of CBS ArcSafe. “Now our technicians can produce a job for customers in just a couple of days.”