When the racking solution being used at a generating station became obsolete, management feared it would become more of a hazard than an asset. A tool that’s difficult to use, or not working properly, can lead workers to deviate from procedures, which is dangerous in an electrical facility.

In this article, Combined Cycle Journal described the challenges at the Hunterstown Generating Station in Gettysburg, PA, and how CBS ArcSafe was able to help. Using the RSA-10 remote switch actuator with a camera system allowed technicians to safely rack out devices and monitor breaker positions while standing outside the arc-flash boundary.

Hunterstown plant RSA-10 and camera system

Hunterstown plant camera system

Operators at the plant found that the system’s clutch, which disengages before over-torquing the breaker, mitigated many of the problems experienced previously. The new system has increased safety for all plant personnel.

CBS ArcSafe can bring a demo of our remote racking and remote switching equipment to you. Our fleet is full of gear that lets you see firsthand how our products protect technicians from arc-flash danger when installing, removing, and operating electrical equipment. To schedule a demo or learn how our solutions can keep your personnel safe, contact us.

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